June 30 - July 1, 2018 Cleveland, OH



30 June, 2018

12PM to 11PM

Saturday | Day 1

12:30 Official opening ceremony and welcoming remarks

1:00 Ukrainian cabaret music by Trio Plus band

3:00 Girls folk dance ensemble of St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

3:30 Banduryst Ivan Shmilo

4:00 Ukrainian music workshop by "Harmonia" Band

5:00 Girls folk dance ensemble of St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

5:30 Banduryst Ivan Shmilo

7:00 Ukrainian traditional music by Harmonia band

1 July, 2018

12PM to 8PM

Sunday | Day 2

12:30 Banduryst Ivan Shmilo

1:00 Official Cleveland History Days closing ceremony

2:00 Girls folk dance ensemble of St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

3:00 Zorya Ukrainian Female Vocal Ensemble

3:30 Banduryst Ivan Shmilo

4:30 Girls folk dance ensemble of St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

5:00 Ukrainian traditional music by Zaps band

7:00 Banduryst Ivan Shmilo

About Us

Celebrating Cleveland's rich immigrant history

The Cleveland Ukrainian Heritage festival is a celebration of the city's diverse and well-rooted ​immigrant communities, at the heart of where so many diasporas had their start: Tremont!

What Is It?

The Cleveland Ukrainian Heritage Festival is an inaugural celebration of the city's rich immigrant history at the heart of where so many diasporas got their start: Tremont! The festival is hoped to become an annual event during which the neighborhood's ​Ukrainian roots can be displayed in greater detail.

Who Are We?

Founded by two local non-profit organizations, the festival is envisioned as a way for the local community to learn more about Cleveland's Ukrainian diaspora, as well as the city's diverse ethnic and cultural history through museum exhibits, cuisine, and folk performances, while also helping the local and global causes supported by the two charities.

Cleveland Maidan Association
The Cleveland Maidan Association got its start in 2014 as an effort by members of the Ukrainian diaspora as a way to provide financial aid to those who were wounded or the families of those who died during the Euromaidan Revolution in Kyiv, Ukraine. As a new conflict arose in eastern Ukraine, the Association began to also provide financial and material support to the families of those wounded or killed during or as a result of the war.

Ukrainian Museum-Archives
Since its establishment in 1952, the UMA has been a cornerstone for both the Tremont and Ukrainian community of Cleveland. Its central position in both communities has required the UMA to accept the dual challenge of contributing both to the development of the Tremont neighborhood, which is its home, and to the growing interest in Ukraine as a cultural, scholarly and geopolitical factor, which is its mission.


In addition to its charitable goal, the Cleveland Ukrainian Heritage Festival will also be a part of the first city-wide celebration of Cleveland's place in history, acting as the closing ceremony of Cleveland History Days.

The inaugural ten -day celebration will bring together a variety of events ​held by local organizations such as Canalway Partners, Case Western Reserve Historical Society, and League Park among many others, in order to bring attention to some of Cleveland's most memorable events.

Get Involved



The Festival is only possible with the generous help of volunteers like you, who make the dream of such a rich cultural celebration not only a reality, but a success!

Want to become a Volunteer? The best way to become a volunteer for the festival is to contact the Volunteer Coordinator via our email and provide your full contact information as well as your available dates for volunteering. The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to confirm your availability and station assignment based on where you will be most needed.


We welcome vendor submissions for the inaugural Cleveland Ukrainian Heritage Festival on June 30 - July 1, 2018.

Becoming a Vendor
To become a vendor for the festival, please contact the Event Coordinator via our email and provide your contact information as well as a description of the products which you will be selling at the event, and the Event Coordinator will contact you to confirm your booth assignment.NOTE: the deadline for applications is MAY 30th, 2018.

Vending Hours
Vendors must staff their booths during the following hours: Sat., June 30: 12:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m Sun., July 1: 12:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Event Contact Information

Feel free to call or email us with any questions!


1202 Kenilworth Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44113


(216) 714-2881